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Jon has been a self proclaimed 'Tech Guy' for his entire life; he started doing so professionally in 2004. He's used this background to infiltrate numerous companies (ranging from as few as 6 to over 400 employees) over the years, all under the guise of providing fantastic technology services. He considers himself a Tech generalist, doing a little bit of everything: security, technical operations, architecture, networking, and even some application programming. His covert actions have only furthered his goal of total world domination. Enjoy your freedom while you can. When he's not planning to overthrow the known world, he spends his free time riding his motorcycle, tinkering with his personal machines, and writing on his technical blog.


As part of his employment history, Jon's legendary technology departments have contributed to the growth of a number of companies, including a billion dollar "unicorn" and a top-10 global web property.


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